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Tele2 Play is Tele2’s streaming service offered only to its customers. Our latest data regarding streaming proved that new content (movies & series) was driving conversions. Based on that fact, stakeholders decided that Tele2 Play would thrive as an aggregator offering content from more streaming services.

The first service Tele2 Play came to an agreement with was Viaplay.
To reflect the new “aggregator” function and Viaplay content addition,
we proceeded to redesign the purchase flow as well as the clients’ account pages. Regular TV channels would be offered as an “add-on” subscription.

Project details

Duration: 5 months (2022)
My role: Product designer
Team: 1 product owner, 1 data analyst,
 1 copy editor, 4 frontend developers, 2 backend developers
Tasks included: Usability testing, stakeholder workshops and alignment, responsive design

In compliance with my non-disclosure agreement, I've excluded and obscured confidential details in this case study. All information presented is my own and may not necessarily align with the viewpoints of Tele2 Play. Any similarity to proprietary information is purely coincidental. Additionally, I do not own any copyrights of this brand, like the logo, imagery, or any related elements.

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Competitive benchmarking

Competitive benchmarking on presenting add-ons

Defining the flow

Before designing any screens, I first had to plan and specify
the flow. I focused on one primary use case - select a streaming subscription and activate Viaplay - and proceeded to define
 the high-level flow for Tele2 Play users.

As customers needed to be able to upgrade or downgrade their subscription in their account page.
I proceeded to specify that flow as well.

 MVP solution

I took into account our previously collected data regarding the pre-purchase and purchase flow to design for an MVP. After meeting with the developers to discuss a feasible solution, I proceeded with the first iterations and finally a prototype.

The steps users needed to take were:
1. Choose from the new streaming packages including Viaplay
2. Verify themselves with BankID (as Tele2 customers)
3. Choose whether they would add TV channels to their subscription
4. Create an account (to sign in with e-mail and password)
5. Choose their preferred payment method and pay
6. Activate Viaplay or immediately start watching movies and series

 MVP solution - Prototype

Usability tests with a prototype

After defining our MVP, I proceeded to design a high-fidelity prototype so we could validate our assumptions. We set up usability tests with five Tele2 Play customers. We proposed to the participants the scenario below:

You are a Tele2-customer with a service like broadband at your home. You are interested in buying a streaming package from Tele2 Play. Let’s say you like sports and watch regular TV.


Proposed solutions

Increasing clarity and transparency

As in Step 1 “Choose package”, the customers were looking for a live price update, I proposed the addition of a “sticky cart” at the bottom of the page to ensure they know their total in this step. This would also rectify the issue in Step 2 - “Create account”, where they were surprised to see their total price in the summary.

Giving the clients more options

When we launched our MVP, we included a summary in step 2 - “Create account” to inform the customers about their purchases and present their total. In our first launch, we did not include the option of immediately removing products from the summary. We decided to include it in our next launch to offer the customers more flexibility when navigating our purchase flow.

Emphasizing the Viaplay collaboration

During our usability tests, 5 out of 5 participants did not realise Viaplay content was included in their subscription until the welcome page.
To emphasize the Viaplay addition, we brought Viaplay “teasers” higher up in our homepage and in the product details pages.

Changing subscriptions

Finally, in “My account” pages, we have given the customers
 the opportunity to upgrade or downgrade their subscription.
We have also provided the option to add or remove the TV channels add-on. This decision has decreased the amount of calls to customer service and the overall friction.

Learnings & results

Following the launch of the new design, our data reports have looked
 every promising showing a traffic increase of 15.64% compared
 to the previous month.

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